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Tax Law Representation From A Former IRS Agent

Defense from a Former IRS Agent

The Law Offices of Charles R. Frazier helps business owners and entrepreneurs avoid or resolve IRS or Tennessee Dept. of Revenue tax problems. We understand that business owners get so focused on growing a new or existing business that they lose focus on the administrative stuff, like preparing or filing tax returns. Despite how you feel, all is not lost. You are not alone, and you are probably not a bad person. However, it would be best if you took action now to fix your tax problems. 

There is no better time than today for you to come out of the tax cloud, face the music, and pay the piper. Uncle Sam wants your money, not your life, limbs, or freedom. You have spent long enough with your head in the sand, losing sleep, and worrying about the IRS garnishing your wages, levying your bank account, or filing a Notice of Federal Tax Lien against your home and other property rights. 

The Law Offices of Charles R. Frazier has the knowledge and experience you need to get your tax matter resolved. As a former IRS agent, Charles R. Frazier gained experience and insight, which enables his team to guide you through IRS tax audits and tax collections cases. Mr. Frazier's commitment to lifetime learning affords the Law Office of Charles R. Frazier's clients to understand: (1) how they got into tax trouble, (2) what steps are necessary to get out of tax trouble, (3) actions and technique you can employ to avoid future tax issues. 

We only work with clients who are ready to move forward with ending their tax problems. We focus on our clients' best interests above all else. So, Mr. Frazier will not accept your case if we cannot provide valuable representation. However. Mr. Frazier will provide self-help advice and guidance to all potential clients.   

We can also help you resolve the following tax matters:

The Law Offices of Charles R. Frazier is a tax resolution and tax planning firm providing business tax issues representation and advice to business owners. We can help you obtain 501(c)(3) status and guide you through nonprofit establishment and maintenance. Call our office today to set an appointment for a virtual meeting to discuss your tax matters with Charles R. Frazier.

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Tax Audits

We are committed to making the tax audit process as stress-free as possible for you. We will represent you throughout the entire IRS examination process so that you can handle your other business.

Offers in Compromise

Offers in compromise are not appropriate for many taxpayers but are a powerful option for reducing tax liability for the right tax situations. We can advise and assist you with this probable tax resolution option.

Installment Agreements

IRS tax debt may seem overwhelming to many taxpayers. We can help you obtain an Installment Agreement with affordable payments so you can begin to remove the dark cloud of tax debt and move forward with a fresh start.

Business Tax Issues

Tax issues can impact your business's success. Every business owner needs to understand the tax implications of the choices they make. We can provide the advice you need to make well-informed business choices.

Nonprofit Establishment and Maintenance

IRS rules regarding nonprofit organizations are complex and constantly changing. We provide the skilled guidance you're seeking to establish or maintain a nonprofit organization. Call us today to help you form a nonprofit corporation and obtain 501(c)(3) status.

Stopping IRS Collections

Wage garnishments, liens, and bank levies can all take a drastic toll on your finances. Through proactive representation, The Law Offices of Charles R. Frazier can help stop IRS collections. We provide IRS collections representation and advice to resolve your tax debts and provide the relief you need.

Innocent Spouse Relief

The IRS recognizes that not all tax debts, assessed against a joint tax return, are both spouses' fault. If your spouse caused your tax troubles, we could help you pursue Innocent Spouse Relief. We help you understand innocent spouse requirements and guide you through the process to obtain innocent spouse relief.

Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

Many business owners face an IRS Trust Fund Recovery Penalty assessment because the IRS alleges that they failed to remit payroll taxes properly. Call today if the IRS is seeking to collect the money from YOU and/or your business.

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