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The Law Offices of Charles R. Frazier exist to eliminate anxiety, fear, and confusion in the world, one client at a time. We hope to reduce racial bias and discrimination by helping our clients feel safe, secure, and informed about their futures.

We help business owners and entrepreneurs avoid or resolve I.R.S. or Tennessee Dept. of Revenue tax problems. We also help families find peace of mind by creating thoughtful plans to protect and preserve their assets while disabled or incapacitated and then pass their real and personal property to those they love at death.

The Law Offices of Charles R. Frazier is a tax resolution and estate planning firm dedicated to providing effective legal representation and counsel to clients. Mr. Frazier is a former IRS agent and United States Army veteran. You deserve to work with a firm that cares about the issues that you are facing. We will help you secure the best possible resolution so that you can get your life back with as little stress, cost, and time wasted as possible.

Tax Law Overview

At the Law Offices of Charles R. Frazier, we can help you resolve tax matters such as offers in compromise, installment agreements, innocent spouse relief, and trust fund recovery penalties. Time is of the essence in tax matters. Mr. Frazier guides clients through IRS tax audits and also represents clients' interests in IRS collection cases. It can be stressful to go through a tax audit.

An audit can result in additional taxes, interest, and penalties. Sometimes it causes no change to a taxpayer's reporting, or it might result in a taxpayer getting a refund of overpaid taxes. Sometimes a criminal tax investigation is pursued, which makes it especially important to contact a tax attorney in Nashville. A criminal tax investigation might involve questions of tax fraud, return preparer fraud, abusive use trusts, questionable refunds, employment tax fraud, frivolous filings, voluntary disclosures, or undisclosed offshore accounts.


  • Handled Everything

    It was nice to have someone to guide my sister and I through the estate administration process. Mr. Frazier told us what to expect and handled everything for us. Read On

  • Explained The Importance

    After years of procrastination, we finally went to see Mr. Frazier to draft our wills. He explained the importance of estate planning for incapacity, disability, and death. Now we don't have to fear what will happen with our kids if the unforeseen happens. Read On

  • Took Care Of My Problem

    I needed to refinance my home and could not because of old Federal Tax Liens. I hired Mr. Frazier and he took care of my problem. After 22 years, I can now say that I don't have anymore IRS tax problems. Read On

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