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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sometimes you just want a little information before you call to speak with an attorney. Please see below for the frequently asked questions regarding our services.

What Types of Tax Cases Does Your Firm Handle?

WWe handle all types of tax matters with the Internal Revenue Service and the Tennessee Department of Revenue, including tax audits and tax collections cases.

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How Much Does it Cost to Retain Your Services?

Retainer fees vary from case to case because we charge for the time it takes to handle your matter. Typical initial retainers range from $750 – $5,000, and fees are charged at rates between $50 – $300 per hour.

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What Should I Expect at my Initial Consultation?

You will get information about how your matter may be handled and the attorney will give you an honest assessment of your case to include an opinion about whether you need the attorney’s assistance.

If the attorney does not believe you need the firm’s assistance, he will provide information about how you can handle your matter without the assistance of counsel.

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Does Your Firm Handle Matters Other Than Tax Law, Business Law, or Estate Planning?

We focus primarily on tax matters, but we also handle tax concerns during business or estate planning matters too.

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How Much Does it Cost for Representation?

Retainers and total cost of representation vary from case to case. However, we typically take retainers from $1,500 – $5,000, and the cost of representation is charged at rates of $75 – $300 per hour.

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Can You Help Us Deal With the IRS or Tennessee Department of Revenue?

The answer is: it depends. We evaluate each case and will provide you with an opinion of whether we can handle your situation during an initial consultation.

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How Much Does it Cost for a Consultation?

We provide all potential clients with one free half-hour consultation.

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What Should I Bring to my Consultation?

You should bring any documents you believe are necessary to help the attorney evaluate your case, including but not limited to tax returns, IRS letters/notices, contracts, leases, wills, powers of attorney, etc.

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What Happens if I do not Keep my Appointment for my Free Consultation?

We understand emergencies happen, so you are allotted one time to reschedule. If you must reschedule more than once, we require that you pay an $100.00 consultation fee prior to your appointment.

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Client Reviews
I needed to refinance my home and could not because of old Federal Tax Liens. I hired Mr. Frazier and he took care of my problem. After 22 years, I can now say that I don’t have anymore IRS tax problems. William 'Bill' D.
After years of procrastination, we finally went to see Mr. Frazier to draft our wills. He explained the importance of estate planning for incapacity, disability, and death. Now we don’t have to fear what will happen with our kids if the unforeseen happens. Thomas & Cherrie H.
It was nice to have someone to guide my sister and I through the estate administration process. Mr. Frazier told us what to expect and handled everything for us. Leonard S.