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Stop IRS Collections

The IRS has wide latitude on how it pursues tax debts. From criminal charges to collection activities, the IRS uses many tools to help it secure the debts it is pursuing. In most cases, the IRS would rather work something out than take more serious action. The Law Offices of Charles R. Frazier can help the IRS understand your situation and what may have been holding you back from meeting your obligations, whether that involves extenuating circumstances, a disagreement on your actual tax burden, or some other issue.

The IRS has a variety of tools that can be used to pursue unpaid taxes, including:

  • Wage garnishment
  • Liens
  • Levies on bank accounts

Are You Worried About an Upcoming Audit?

If you are concerned that an audit may create tax problems for you, securing representation now to help you through the audit may be the most effective means of avoiding IRS collection actions.

Did Your Spouse Cause Your Tax Problems?

For some people the answer to resolving IRS tax issues is to ensure that the IRS knows your spouse is responsible for these issues and not you. Because married couples generally file jointly, one spouse can create serious tax problems that can harm the other spouse. The Law Offices of Charles R. Frazier can help you pursue what is known as innocent spouse relief.

Dedicated Representation From a Former IRS Agent

At the Law Offices of Charles R. Frazier, we have the specific experience necessary to be able to offer our clients the proactive and knowledgeable defense they need against IRS collections. Our principal attorney is a former IRS agent, and he knows how it approaches debts and collection efforts. In addition to his law degree, Mr. Frazier has degrees in accounting and finance that help ensure he is giving our clients the representation they need.

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IRS collections can wreak havoc on your finances. Turn to the Law Offices of Charles R. Frazier for the highly effective help you deserve. To schedule a low cost consultation, call 615-267-0125.

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