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Innocent Spouse Relief

Tax Lawyer for Innocent Spouse Relief

Negotiating with the IRS on your own is difficult. The tax rules are complex and the processes and procedures are confusing. Turn to an experienced tax attorney you can trust. Turn to the Law Offices of Charles R. Frazier.

Located in La Vergne, tax lawyer Charles R. Frazier helps taxpayers in Nashville, Murfreesboro and surrounding areas obtain relief from their spouse’s tax debts.

Relief From Your Spouse’s Tax Debts

Many spouses file joint tax returns. As such, each is held liable for the other’s tax debts. This can create problems for taxpayers who typically receive large tax returns or credits, or those whose spouse’s took improper positions on returns and now owe large sums of back taxes.

The IRS’s innocent spouse program provides innocent taxpayers with relief from the tax debts of their spouses in certain circumstances. To qualify for the program, you must show that you had no knowledge — and had no reason to know — of your spouse’s understatement of income, overstatement of expenses or other improper tax position. This can be quite challenging.

Issues often arise when one spouse owns a business that the other spouse has no hand in. The uninvolved spouse has no reason to know the business’s income or expenses, instead relying on the other spouse to correctly state tax liabilities. Charles R. Frazier understands the inner-workings of the IRS — as he is a former IRS agent. He know how the IRS evaluates petitions for innocent spouse relief, and how best to frame your claim to obtain relief.

Avoiding Joint Liability in the Future

In addition to handling innocent spouse claims, Charles R. Frazier also advises clients on how to avoid potential liability in the future. Changing your tax return filing status from married filing jointly to married filing separately may offer you some measure of protection against your spouse’s tax debts.

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I needed to refinance my home and could not because of old Federal Tax Liens. I hired Mr. Frazier and he took care of my problem. After 22 years, I can now say that I don’t have anymore IRS tax problems. William 'Bill' D.
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It was nice to have someone to guide my sister and I through the estate administration process. Mr. Frazier told us what to expect and handled everything for us. Leonard S.