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General Corporate Representation

All businesses periodically need the advice of counsel as well as an effective advocate who can fight for their best interests should a dispute occur, but not all businesses choose to dedicate the budget necessary to maintain in-house counsel. The Law Offices of Charles R. Frazier can act as ongoing counsel for your business, coming in to advise or resolve issues on an as-needed basis.

The Law Offices of Charles R. Frazier advises businesses and their principals about issues of governance, compliance, fiduciary obligations, minority and majority equity owner connections and employee-employer relations. We create innovative company structures for startup design and innovative mechanisms for raising capital to make new investors, and we help restructure existing businesses. We have a history of successfully negotiating a vast selection of contractual relationships for our customers, such as complicated limited liability company, partnership and shareholder structures; procurement and sales arrangements; service arrangements; and tactical alliances and joint ventures.

For many of our customers' household offices and their companies, our corporate lawyers serve as outside general, drawing on the resources of our company in taxation, litigation, property, property and sourcing planning. Our lawyers work together to deal with difficult challenges confronting these customers. In this capacity, we counsel customers on daily issues impacting their relationships with their vendors, clients, supervisors, officers, equity holders and workers.

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