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How far back can the state go back to assess taxes?

It is not uncommon for taxing authorities (state and federal) to review past returns determine whether calculations were incorrect, and assess additional taxes to be owed. However, there are limits. Besides, it would be particularly egregious for the federal government to apply retroactive taxes and seek payment on taxes that were not applicable when the return was originally filed.

Can you benefit from a tax relief company?

You may hear the radio advertisements for tax relief companies that can alleviate your burdens after you make a phone call to engage their services. Indeed, different tax relief companies have different strategies depending on the client and situation. But the better questions are: can such a company really help me and which one should I choose?

How to safely stop IRS collections

Everyone has to file taxes. We may not like doing it, but it is required by law. This means that, if we do not file on time or do not pay the taxes we owe, there are serious consequences. If you are struggling financially or are overwhelmed with debt, it is understandable that paying taxes seems impossible for your family right now. However, you have options. The worst thing you can possibly do is ignore the IRS.

Ways to earn nontaxable income

Now that tax season has officially opened (as announced by the IRS), many taxpayers are seeking advice on how to reduce their taxable income. This is commonly accomplished by finding as many deductions as legally possible. The math is pretty simple; the more deductions you have, the lower your taxable income goes.

Tax Mistakes: You don't know what you don't know

Taxes: one of the few things in life you can always be sure of. But can you be sure that you are always filing your taxes properly? How sure are you that you are entitled to that energy credit? And even if you are sure, is there the possibility that you've gotten it wrong? Will an audit send you down a rabbit-hole of financially frenzy? Past taxes and penalties can pile up quickly. Who can you turn to for help?

How to avoid or resolve a tax levy

If you don't pay your taxes or set up a plan to settle your debt, the IRS can issue a tax levy. This is a legal seizure of your property in order to pay off the tax you owe. When it comes to taxes, you should never neglect notices from the IRS. Taxes are a serious matter, but there are steps you can take to ensure that your property will not be taken.

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