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The debate between accountants and tax attorneys

Depending on your sensibilities, dealing with tax issues can be as pleasant as a root canal or as routine as navigating traffic jams in the morning. Whether you are dealing with a Notice of Lien or being investigated for criminal charges, it may not be so easy to determine who is better suited to help with your problem: an accountant or a tax attorney.

Both know their way around the U.S. Tax Code. Also, both are able to represent clients in matters before a Tax Court judge. However, the determining factor of who is best depends on your specific needs. 

If you need guidance and advice on small business incorporation, records management, or tax preparation, perhaps a qualified accountant will be best for you. These financial planning exercises could help you avoid the problems that could lead to tax court.

Conversely, if you need advice and guidance in preparation for litigation, a tax attorney may be better suited to handle the process of discovery, preparing solid legal arguments and negotiating favorable settlements. After all, lawyers are specially trained to deal with the legal issues incident to tax claims, which are especially important in the course of litigation. Additionally, the notion of privilege that tax attorneys carry may serve clients well. The same does not apply with accountants.

If you can’t decide between an accountant or a tax attorney, there’s nothing wrong with using both. It may be helpful to do so if you own a business, or are dealing with multiple businesses.

The preceding is not legal advice. 

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