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Tax Mistakes: You don't know what you don't know

Taxes: one of the few things in life you can always be sure of. But can you be sure that you are always filing your taxes properly? How sure are you that you are entitled to that energy credit? And even if you are sure, is there the possibility that you've gotten it wrong? Will an audit send you down a rabbit-hole of financially frenzy? Past taxes and penalties can pile up quickly. Who can you turn to for help?

Often, people think the best person to help them through tax trouble is an accountant. Tax accountants know the law, they know deductions, and they know how to quickly and effectively prepare a tax return. But is there something missing in their box of tools?

They have power, and they know how to us it.

An IRS audit comes with one very scary thing. Beyond the possibility of back taxes, interest, and other remedies the government can employ to ensure your taxes are paid in full, the IRS has the law behind them: Hundreds and hundreds of federal laws known as the Internal Revenue Code. And who better to help protect you from the law--than the law.

A tax attorney not only knows the tax code and the laws, a tax attorney can negotiate on your behalf lawyer to lawyer. This might sound obvious, but what does this mean? Attorneys know court rules, they know the rules of evidence, they know how to prepare a case to your best advantage and they know how to strike a deal. In short, they have all the knowledge of a tax accountant and all the weight of an attorney.

A Tax lawyer knows the rules of evidence.

A tax attorney can help you understand what garnishment is, and whether you have any right to determine the amount of the garnishment. A tax lien can leave you homeless--or can it? Your tax attorney has the ability to subpoena witnesses and evidence and can require that the IRS fully and legally present a case against that you that rises to the standards of the law.

Sure, maybe your case is small--maybe you are being accused of owing only $500.00, but is it possible that during the proceedings, you might say something that could increase your tax burden? A tax lawyer knows how to ensure that you provide the facts about your case--and nothing more.

The IRS can be a frightening entity to deal with. If you have received a letter from the IRS, why not be assured you will have the best outcome possible and retain a tax lawyer to handle your case?

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