Offers In Compromise From An Experienced Tax Lawyer

Located in La Vergne, the Law Offices of Charles R. Frazier helps taxpayers throughout the Nashville, Murfreesboro and surrounding areas reduce and manage their back taxes through offers in compromise (OIC) and installment plans.

Offers In Compromise

An OIC is an agreement with the IRS to accept a partial payment in satisfaction of your entire tax debt. While many radio and TV ads promise to get your tax debts discharged for pennies on the dollar, in reality, negotiating these agreements takes a vast amount of skill.

OICs are highly fact-specific and require a case-by-case analysis. I know how the IRS evaluates OIC offers. I will work closely with you to examine your financial circumstances as well as the age of the tax debt. I don't make empty promises. If I do not believe the IRS will agree to an OIC, I will not waste your time and money. However, if an OIC is a possibility, I know how to best present your case to the IRS.

Installment Agreements

If you do not qualify for an OIC, an installment agreement may be available.

Through an installment agreement, or payment plan, you can repay your tax debt in small monthly payments over a term of years. Installment agreements not only make repayment more manageable, they also prevent the IRS from taking collection action against you — such as a lien, levy or wage garnishment.

I will evaluate your gross income, your expenses, the number of dependents and any other financial obligations — such as child support — and prepare a tax repayment plan the IRS will agree to.

If you are experiencing extreme financial circumstances, you may qualify as "currently non collectible" (CNC). Under CNC status, the IRS cannot attempt to collect any money.

Representation By A Former IRS Agent

As a former IRS agent, I learned the IRS processes from the inside. I understand how the IRS evaluates OIC and installment agreement proposals, and the issues the service deems most important when determining whether to approve or deny a request.

When advising clients and preparing requests, I use my IRS insider knowledge to your benefit and I provide you with the best chances of getting OIC and installment agreements approved.

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