Help Securing And Keeping Nonprofit Status

Performing charitable work has many challenges. Having the IRS recognize you as a charity and designating you as a 501(c)3 organization should not be among those challenges, neither should maintaining that status as a nonprofit organization once you have secured it. Having the assistance of an attorney who understands nonprofit law and how the IRS deals with charitable organizations can be crucial to overcoming those challenges.

By effectively and efficiently overcoming the challenges that stand between you and day-to-day operations, you will best be able to serve the people and causes that brought you to nonprofit work in the first place. The right lawyer can make all the difference.

Establishing A Nonprofit Organization

Understanding everything that the IRS requires to secure nonprofit status is a challenge that I can help you effectively deal with. I have developed the experience to know how the IRS approaches various issues and can use that experience to help you prepare your application for nonprofit status.

Maintenance Of A Nonprofit Organization

The IRS sometimes changes what it requires to maintain nonprofit designation. Most organizations cannot afford to constantly be worrying if they are in compliance or whether they may lose their nonprofit status. I am available to assist nonprofit organizations on an ongoing basis. By remaining involved with your nonprofit organization I can provide assessments of actions your organization is considering on an as-needed basis.

Dedicated Representation From A Former IRS Agent

I am attorney Charles R. Frazier. I am a former IRS agent, former Army Ranger, and I have extensive experience assisting nonprofit organizations with all aspects of their interactions with the IRS as well as their other operational needs. I am proud to be able to help organizations that have so much to offer our community. I work to stay abreast of all changes to nonprofit tax law so that I can help my clients have the most efficient responses to those changes. I can help your organization leave worries about nonprofit status to me so you can focus on your larger mission.

Taxes And Nonprofit Organizations Attorney Serving Nashville, Murfreesboro And The Surrounding Areas

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