Defense Against Criminal Tax Charges From A Former IRS Agent

If you have reason to believe that you are the subject of an IRS criminal investigation, you need to take action to defend yourself. Obtaining the best possible outcome to any IRS criminal investigation calls for securing the representation of an attorney who understands how the IRS works, how they conduct investigations, how they choose which cases to prosecute and who understands how to build a strong defense against criminal tax charges.

Many criminal tax charges are charged as felonies and can carry prison time as well as substantial fines.

There are two main types of criminal charges that the IRS can file against you:

Tax Evasion

For those who have simply not paid their taxes, the IRS may file charges for tax evasion. While the IRS is unlikely to pursue criminal charges for honest mistakes or delays in payment, if the IRS suspects that your failure to pay was intentional, it may begin an investigation and begin building a case against you.

Tax Fraud

There are many different ways to commit tax fraud, such as understating your income, claiming more deductions than you are legally entitled to and failing to file tax returns. The IRS is going to look for evidence of your intent to defraud the government. Tax fraud is a more broad term than tax evasion and can include a wide variety of activities that interfere with the IRS's ability to collect taxes.

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At the Law Offices of Charles R. Frazier, I offer representation that understands how the IRS works and how they approach criminal charges. I am attorney Charles R. Frazier. I am a former IRS agent and Army Ranger who has taken what I learned in the time I worked at the IRS to help those who are facing difficult tax issues for individuals and business owners. Come in and discuss your situation as soon as you think you may face criminal charges. With proper intervention, it may be possible to avoid charges being filed at all. If you are already facing criminal tax charges, Charles Frazier can help you fight to secure the best outcome.

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