Ongoing Counsel For Your Business

Every business deserves the benefit of counsel advising it on important matters. But, for most businesses, maintaining in-house counsel would mean a commitment of resources that could be better allocated toward growing the business.

That does not mean you have to forego the benefit of counsel. I am attorney Charles R. Frazier. I offer my business clients the opportunity to work with me on an ongoing basis that provides the peace of mind of having in-house counsel without the cost. I can be there when you need me — only when you need me.

Knowing My Clients' Businesses Helps Create Effective Resolutions

In addition to having as-needed access to counsel, you will also have the benefit that comes from having an attorney who knows your business help you rather than an attorney who needs to learn about your business before he or she can become effective. I am able to hit the ground running for my clients when problems arise. From counsel on important decisions to dispute resolution and formation to succession, I can help your business at any stage and with most matters.

Dedicated Representation For Business Owners

At the Law Offices of Charles R. Frazier, I am committed to providing my commercial clients with the highly effective assistance they need to be able to continue to make the right choices for their businesses. My extensive experience on commercial issues, tax matters and dispute resolution allows me to help my clients make the most of their businesses. I believe that working as outside in-house counsel is the most strategic way to offer my clients the tailored help they need without saddling them with unnecessary costs.

Outside In-House Counsel Serving Nashville, Murfreesboro And The Surrounding Areas

For the legal assistance you need to make the most of your business, turn to the Law Offices of Charles R. Frazier. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 615-534-4628, toll free at 800-836-9077 or contact us online.