The Right Business Entity For Your Goals

When you are establishing your business, you will have numerous goals in mind. What type of business entity you choose can have a major impact on a wide range of issues such as taxes, control of the business, succession and personal liability for the business's debts.

The variety of types of forms your business can take include:

  • LLCs (limited liability companies) — LLCs offer a number of advantages, including a great deal of protection against exposure to personal liability for debts incurred by the business. Creditors may not pursue your personal assets to settle a debt of the business.
  • Partnerships — Individuals sometimes want to jointly pursue business objectives without the protections or expense of formal business structures. Partnership agreements help the partners define their respective rights and obligations.
  • Corporations — Corporations offer a variety of advantages that include protection from personal liability for directors and officers, tax benefits for shareholders and the ability to raise capital.

Serving The Needs Of Your Business Now And In The Future

Business owners face numerous difficult decisions on an ongoing basis. Knowing how to make the right choice for your business may require more than what you know about your business and the market you operate in. There may be questions that only a lawyer can answer or the decision-making process may benefit from the perspective an attorney can provide. By working with my business clients on an ongoing basis, I am able to jump in at a moment's notice and provide the advice or advocacy your business needs to be able to move forward with confidence.

Dedicated Representation For Business Owners

I am attorney Charles R. Frazier. I know how crucial the first steps a business takes can be. Mistakes made during formation can haunt a business years down the road. By focusing on making sure that you are laying the right foundation for the business you want to build, I can help you foster the growth and success of your business and avoid possible issues related to control of the business, taxes and how the business is passed on when the time comes. My previous experience as an IRS agent gives my clients an advantage when tax matters are part of the picture.

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