Dedicated Commercial Law Representation

I am attorney Charles R. Frazier. I offer my clients skilled, experienced and ethical representation that is supported by extensive experience that includes having served as an IRS agent, an insurance agent and small business owner. My experience serving the needs of the business community in the Nashville metro area and Murfreesboro has taught me about the concerns of the owners of small and medium-sized businesses.

I work to help my clients make educated choices that are going to help them grow their businesses. My experience has taught me that making the right choices in the first place is often much more cost-effective than fighting to resolve a dispute later. Should a dispute be unavoidable, I have the litigation experience to help protect your business.

I assist with all manner of commercial law issues, including:

  • Business formation — Making the right choices at the earliest stages of your business can help you avoid challenges later. I can help you understand the advantages of LLCs, partnerships and incorporation and handle all of the paperwork necessary to help you set up as the right type of business entity for your goals.
  • Contracts — Contracts shape and control all types of commercial transactions. You need to know that the contracts you enter into and rely on are actually providing the deal you think they are. I can help with drafting, review, negotiation and dispute resolution.
  • Nonprofit organizations — Nonprofit organizations operate under an additional set of considerations apart from those of a for-profit business. Nonprofit organizations need to ensure that they are complying with all relevant aspects of IRS code regarding maintenance of their nonprofit status.
  • Outside/inside counsel — All businesses periodically need the advice of counsel as well as an effective advocate who can fight for their best interests should a dispute occur, but not all businesses choose to dedicate the budget necessary to maintain in-house counsel. I can act as ongoing counsel for your business, coming in to advise or resolve issues on an as-needed basis.
  • Church law — For churches, the details of day-to-day operations, compliance and other issues can act as a stumbling block that prevents them from focusing on more important matters. I have experience helping churches with a wide range of legal matters ranging from drafting bylaws to addressing issues related to religious freedoms and same-sex marriages, to other issues to protect congregations from litigation.

Business Law Attorney Serving Nashville, Murfreesboro And The Surrounding Areas

For counsel who can effectively guide you through difficult business decisions and who can fight for you when disputes arise, turn to the Law Offices of Charles R. Frazier. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 615-534-4628, toll free at 800-836-9077 or contact us online.